Last July Philippe Ariño released an interview “I, homosexual, tell you why the Catholic Church is right”, which unfortunately hasn’t been translated into English yet (I’ll see to that!). Philippe is a French catholic gay man and acted as one of the main activists in France who fought against the legalisation of gay marriages. Continue reading

Lunch, dinner or tea: the English tradition par excellence

Versione italiana qui

In Italy it’s easy: we eat breakfast in the morning, we have lunch at about 1pm and dinner in the evening at 8pm. The young students will eat a nibble in school at mid-morning (that was so back in my days) and a snack later during the day. No matter of the age, the main meals will be three, with small snacks in between (healthy ones or not, but that’s another story).

What happens here across the Channel? Quite frequently in the last few years that I lived close to one of the indigenous people, I got asked late in the evening “What did you have for tea?Continue reading

Flat-hunting in London

We discussed already the different phases that, usually, an Italian expat goes through over a year when crossing The Channel. We also saw the daily challenges that come with being single in the British Capital and some of the local traditions which initially might appear odd to us, but that we will eventually try to export in our Country (not the local way of washing up! Not that one!)

It’s time we have some serious talking about something more practical and useful, like flat-hunting in London. Continue reading

Backpacking, couchsurging and house-sitting. In one night.

Italian version of this article here

In the old days, during my late teens and my early 20’s, it was the InterRail: spending a summer on a train across Europe, sleeping on a bench in a station in Berlin or Amsterdam and traveling across Spain from North to South gave the traveler a year-long lasting status of “cool-one” . As we all know, the Internet changed ways to do things for many, even for backpackers, giving them the chance to organise their trips in a way that was out of the imaginary in the 90’s. Continue reading

Elisa Fun Club concert – Florence, December 1, 2012

Versione italiana qui

If one more person across the Pond today knows Elisa, she definitely owes that to me. I had already tried to export her music within the non-Italian colleagues in London and for my last visit in Boston I made a compilation of her songs, a personal selection of mine, as a present to bring here. I don’t know whether her music will make the magic happen and will hit the target. I trust though that my feelings and emotions will be carried across through her songs.

As I have been asked to do, I’m translating the article below, which I wrote about a year ago after her concert in Florence. Continue reading