I ditched everything… and I went back to school

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One day I wasn’t happy. Actually, it had been a while since I had been happy; one day I decided to do something about it: I quit my “secure” job at the company where I had been working for the previous seven years, I left my nice flat in the south-west suburbs of London, I boxed my life up and I bought a ticket. Continue reading

Four months in America. Time for a season change

Pumpkins at Brooksby Farm, MA

Pumpkins at Brooksby Farm, MA

My first season in Boston just passed by leaving me with a satisfied post-orgasm smile on my face, incredulous that I actually spent four months wearing shorts and sandals everyday, living in a constant over-30 Celsius degree temperature, with crying-armpits wetting my shirt and sleepless nights lying naked, spread-eagle in bed. Continue reading