Four months in America. Time for a season change

Pumpkins at Brooksby Farm, MA

Pumpkins at Brooksby Farm, MA

My first season in Boston just passed by leaving me with a satisfied post-orgasm smile on my face, incredulous that I actually spent four months wearing shorts and sandals everyday, living in a constant over-30 Celsius degree temperature, with crying-armpits wetting my shirt and sleepless nights lying naked, spread-eagle in bed. Continue reading

My American adventure – Part one

Between March 2011 and May 2012 I visited the States six times which, considering the two previous visits, brings the number up to eight. Since my first trip 12 years ago, I’ve always wanted to write my impressions on America and the Americans and it took me that many years to write my thoughts down. Finally, last May, while sitting on a train travelling from Boston down to New York City, I started.

As it always happens when I brandish a pen (or a keyboard) I ended up writing a bible-long essays that no one will never read. To make it easier for my non-existing readers, I  split this Dostoyevsky-like novel I came up with in two. Looking at it now, I realize it risks to be too long anyway.

Oh well, I can’t split it down any further or I’ll end up having Dallas. Enjoy part 1. Continue reading