Learn a Language and Share


New York, May 2012

I’ve been trying to learn English since I realised that languages were my ticket to the world. It wasn’t until 2000 that I went abroad for the first time to really live the language. I was 21 and my thirst for learning a new language was taking me all the way to the US. I arrived in New York and using my broken English, I made it through passport control, answering all their questions and convincing them that I was not there to do anything naughty. Continua a leggere

Wake Up Italy

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It’s 3pm on January the 23rd, 2016: the alarm clocks go off altogether across Italy. Not only there, but in London, Frankfurt, Dublin, Copenhagen as well and in many other European cities the alarm clocks went off at the same time (or almost). The reason was the same everywhere: to wake Italy and Italian citizens up. To tell them to open their eyes and that IT’S TIME to let everyone have equal rights; not only for those who don’t have such rights yet, but for all Italian citizens’ dignity as well. Continua a leggere


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Ore 15 del 23 gennaio del 2016: le sveglie sono risuonate in tutta Italia. Non solo, ma anche a Londra, a Francoforte, a Dublino, a Copenaghen e in parecchie altre città europee le sveglie sono suonate alla stessa ora (o quasi). Tutte per lo stesso motivo: svegliare l’Italia e gli italiani e dir loro di aprire gli occhi e che È ORA di assicurare gli stessi diritti a tutti, non solo per chi quei diritti ancora non ce li ha ma anche per la dignità di tutti i cittadini italiani stessi. Per rendere l’Italia un paese più CIVILE. Continua a leggere

It is 30 degrees and it’s freezing cold. Learning how to use feet in America

Italian version here

Right, because 30 degrees Fahrenheit equal -1 degree Celsius; quite chilly, isn’t it? As I’ll probably be on this side of the Pond for a while yet, I’d better find an easy and fast way to survive the various inches, feet, cups and any other limb or tool that gets used in this measurement system which, let’s face it, doesn’t make much sense. Continua a leggere