Holding hands along the Seine

There comes a moment; a moment of realisation in a person’s life when a fortuitous event or a person randomly placed on our path, opens our eyes and we finally see what has been there in front of us the whole time. We just couldn’t see it. When that happens, we set ourselves free of emotional barriers and we learn that it’s not the world that doesn’t let us be who we want to be. It’s ourselves. Continue reading

50 sfumature di bianco. La sporca verità sulla neve

Per la seconda volta in sei anni, Roma si è svegliata coperta di neve. Non solo l’Italia, ma tutto il nord Europa (Regno Unito compreso – che piaccia loro o no sono ancora in Europa) viene attraversato da una gelida ondata di freddo siberiano al quale si è unito l’uragano Emma. Una fine coltre di circa due centimetri si è posata sulla capitale inglese e su quella italiana, la città dove vivo e la città dove sono nato; e mentre Facebook viene sommerso da foto del Colosseo o di Westminster resi ancora più suggestivi dall’incantesimo della neve, mi chiedo se sia al di qua che al di là della Manica si sappia davvero qual è la sporca verità sulla neve. Continue reading

Learn a Language and Share


New York, May 2012

I’ve been trying to learn English since I realised that languages were my ticket to the world. It was 2000 when I moved abroad to really live the language; I was 21 and my thirst for learning a new idiom was taking me across the Pond for the first time. I arrived in New York and using my broken English, I made it through passport control, answering all their questions and convincing them that I wasn’t there to do anything naughty. Continue reading

Wake Up Italy

Click here for the Italian version

It’s 3pm on January the 23rd, 2016: the alarm clocks go off altogether across Italy. Not only there, but in London, Frankfurt, Dublin, Copenhagen as well and in many other European cities the alarm clocks went off at the same time (or almost). The reason was the same everywhere: to wake Italy and Italian citizens up. To tell them to open their eyes and that IT’S TIME to let everyone have equal rights; not only for those who don’t have such rights yet, but for all Italian citizens’ dignity as well. Continue reading