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Found in a London pub

I moved to London in 2009 (well, I actually moved in 2007 but I took a 1 year and a half-break due to the company that hired me, which firstly sent me back to Rome and then sent me back to London again). Since my first week here, I have always written posts which initially were published as Facebook notes. I was too lazy to look after a blog. The same laziness eventually won me over and for about a year I didn’t write any new posts.

I’ve been asked many times to write in English too and, despite mine was an attempt to push people around into learning Italian, I have to say that my cultural invasion has miserably failed. OK – I will try in English as well. But do not expect me to translate the old posts!

The subtitle of the blog (‘ovvero: ora sono AmManicato?‘) is quite simple and ‘plays’ around the Italian name of The Channel, which is ‘La Manica‘. Manica also means ‘sleeve’ in Italian, like the ones of your shirt. Now, being ‘ammanicato’ is a dialectal expression that describes a person who is in cahoots with somebody or something. One of those people who have connections everywhere, the ones whom you would ask a favour to because they have friends, and friends of friends. Many friends in many places. They are ‘ammanicati’ (sleeve-in-sleeve).

Across the Channel (the Manica), or rather: am I amManicato now?

Obviously not.

Check it out here

Get in contact at acrossthechannel at gmail dot com


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