Learning languages and then messing up with them

Since April, when I started this new blog, I’ve been thinking of a way to give it a different and original shape, to make it sexier and (if possible) a place where people would come to find useful tips for what they need.

In an era when even my hamster Facebooks, Twitters and has its own blog (it’s called “Running for Nothing”, check it out), I find it quite hard to find an original idea which would be also sexy and helpful. I ought to probably just stick to the type of I-write-about-everything-and-nothing blog, which at times can be interesting for readers, others it’s just a way to practise my typing skills. Continue reading

London week 2 (English) – bubbles of water – August 14, 2009

The translation of the old posts continues. This one was written during my second week in London in 2009. After reading these posts again I have to admit, I didn’t start off with an open mind toward the new culture.

14 August 2009

Question: how many times one has to wear a new pair of shoes before they stop giving  blisters the size of a pizza Margherita? My feet are so sored like not even Jesus’s feet were on the Via Crucis (before the nails, of course)! I just hope that the strange coloured ointment Natalia gave me will bring some healing outcomes!

I suspect there have been more cases of sickness in the office after mine. Probably somebody even passed away because suddenly the temperature of the air conditioning is back to human tolerability.  Today I managed to count 14 rays of Sun and everybody kept saying “such a beautiful day today! It’s freaking hot in hear, why don’t we cool down the temperature a bit?”, to which I stole a look at my shotgun that I now keep underneath my desk and everybody just kept away from the AC controller. I’m sure that the micro-criminality problems that Italian immigrants brought to the United States during the past century were caused for the same reasons. Continue reading

LONDON – week 1 (English) – August 11, 2009

The following is the translation to the first post I wrote on August 11, 2009. When reading it, please try to consider of what was happening in the UK at that time (the Swine Flu) and that I had just arrived from Rome, thus I was much more typically Italian-behaved than I’m now.

London, August 11, 2009

First week came and went quite quickly, I have to say, probably because of the intensive training I’m going through. Continue reading

La mia avventura americana – prima parte

Tra marzo 2011 e maggio 2012 ho visitato gli Stati Uniti sei volte, otto se si considerano le due volte precedenti. Sin dal mio primo viaggio 12 anni fa mi sono sempre ripromesso di scrivere le mie impressioni sull’America e sugli americani e mi ci è voluto tutto questo tempo per decidermi a farlo. A maggio scorso, mentre sedevo su un treno in viaggio da Boston a New York, cominciai a farlo.

Come sempre succede quando mi capita di brandire selvaggiamente una penna (o una tastiera), finisco per scrivere delle bibbie di roba, che nessuno leggerà mai. Per rendere le cose un po’ più semplici ai miei (inesistenti) lettori, ho deciso di dividere questo racconto dostoyevskyano in due. Nonostante ciò, mi rendo conto che potrebbe essere troppo lungo comunque da leggere. Per non rischiare di dividerlo in ulteriori parti e ritrovarmi con una soap-opera tipo Dallas, ho deciso di lasciarlo così com’è. Buona lettura. Continue reading

My American adventure – Part one

Between March 2011 and May 2012 I visited the States six times which, considering the two previous visits, brings the number up to eight. Since my first trip 12 years ago, I’ve always wanted to write my impressions on America and the Americans and it took me that many years to write my thoughts down. Finally, last May, while sitting on a train travelling from Boston down to New York City, I started.

As it always happens when I brandish a pen (or a keyboard) I ended up writing a bible-long essays that no one will never read. To make it easier for my non-existing readers, I  split this Dostoyevsky-like novel I came up with in two. Looking at it now, I realize it risks to be too long anyway.

Oh well, I can’t split it down any further or I’ll end up having Dallas. Enjoy part 1. Continue reading

Come evitare di venire colpito dall’aria in Italia

Oggi sul sito dell BBC è stato pubblicato un articolo scritto da una loro corrispondente che da anni vive a Bologna: How to live in Italy and avoid getting hit by the air. L’articolo è quanto di più vero possa essere stato scritto circa il modo in cui i cugini britannici percepiscono i nostri strambi comportamenti e come noi percepiamo i loro.

Per la felicità di tutti i miei amici italiani che non se la cavano con la lingua, ho tradotto l’articolo e (pensate un po’!) ho aggiunto anche i miei commenti in verde! (Il colore potrebbe essere un altro, ora vedo quale ci sta meglio). L’articolo originale, scritto da Dany Mitzman, lo trovate qui Continue reading