Garage sale – everything must go! (me too)

I will be leaving my London flat in North Sheen soon and EVERYTHING in it must go. Below is a list of the main items that are for sale, starting with my red sofa and finishing with my used kettle. Without forgetting my toaster and my Ikea jars, of course. As I said, everything must go.

There are a number of other little things that I’m not even bothering putting a price on: they’re yours if you want them, just pop in and see. If I still have my kettle, I’ll even make you a cup of tea. Continua a leggere

Dear prof., dear Minister Alfano, one day we will remember of when gays were not allowed to get married and we will be saying: How was that even possible?

Recently, Daria Bignardi published a new article on her blog “Cara Prof, caro ministro Alfano, un giorno ricorderemo quando i gay non si potevano sposare, e diremo: come è successo?” I decided to translate it into English, for those who still ask me if in the Land of Love – as somebody referred to it (that is, Italy), gay couples have the right to be happy and get married like the rest of the population. I hope the article below gives an idea.

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Last July Philippe Ariño released an interview “I, homosexual, tell you why the Catholic Church is right”, which unfortunately hasn’t been translated into English yet (I’ll see to that!). Philippe is a French catholic gay man and acted as one of the main activists in France who fought against the legalisation of gay marriages. Continua a leggere

Essere gay non è una ferita: lettera aperta in risposta all’intervista a Philippe Ariño

Intervista a Philippe Ariño

Intervista a Philippe Ariño

Recentemente ho letto l’intervista a Philippe Ariño, che dovreste leggere prima di proseguire con questo articolo, e improvvisamente non è più il 2014 ma è il 2002, più di 10 anni fa, quando, da cattolico praticante, cominciavo a prender coscienza di me e vivevo tutte le difficoltà Continua a leggere

Online dating. How to write a doomed profile.

OK, let’s talk about online dating. As for the big majority of gay men out there, I know something about this big trend of the 21st century and whilst years ago it seemed to be a nasty habit only for  those of loose morals leading a promiscuous life like, they say, only gays can be (actually, we started online dating last century!) or straights looking for transgression but who wouldn’t dare talking about it, nowadays an ever bigger community of users is choosing online dating, with women on top of the list at least on this side of the Channel.

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Online dating. Come ti scrivo un profilo fallimentare

OK, parliamo di online dating, che non so neanche se ha un nome in italiano. Siti di incontri mi sembra uno di quei posti dove le coppie sposate vanno con le mascherine, tipo le pubblicità porno dei numeri 144 che si vedevano negli anni ’90 (ricordo che io stavo su fino a tardi solo per vedere una che leccava una cornetta del telefono o se la passava sui capezzoli. Forse inconsciamente stavo ancora cercando di auto-curarmi…)

Come la maggior parte dei gay là fuori, ne so qualcosa Continua a leggere